Free Virtual Team Building Bingo for Remote Employees

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Here is a free template you can use to play Online Team Building Bingo with remote employees:

Online Team Building Bingo

Pro Tip: Right click + select “save as” to download the free Online Team Building Bingo board to your computer.

You may use the free Bingo board for your own internal team building activities, conference calls and online team building games. You may not modify or resell the Bingo board 🙂

Other names for Online Team Building Bingo include Virtual Team Building Bingo and Remote Team Bingo.

How to play Bingo Remotely

Most people are familiar with how to play Bingo, and the rules for Online Team Building Bingo are essentially the same.

  1. Send the game board to your teammates.
  2. Choose a duration for your game, which could be a single virtual conference call or even an entire month. We do not recommend playing a single game of Online Team Building Bingo for more than one month.
  3. Players must identify other team members that match the clue in each square. When you find a match, you can mark the square off with an “x” or similar. You can also add the matched name to the square.
  4. The first player to complete a row wins. The first player to complete two intersecting rows wins. You can create more rules for who wins. The more winners the merrier.
  5. Distribute prizes and awards to players. Winning a $20 gift card along with bragging rights feels awesome.

Online Team Building Bingo Tips

Playing Bingo with virtual teams can be a fun and engaging experience. Here are a few tips and guidelines that can help.

  • Optimize for fun. Bingo can be a competitive game, and competition can fuel strong team building. Ruthless competition can actually harm employee engagement, so optimize for fun and making sure everyone has a good time.
  • Mix it up. If you google “Museum Hack online team building bingo” or “ remote work bingo” or “ webex games” then you will find more free virtual team Bingo boards you can use.
  • Award prizes! Allocating even a budget of $20 for prizes can make a big difference in how people choose to participate. Non-tangible prizes like bragging rights or a virtual trophy or title are cool too.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Bingo.

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